Monday, June 8, 2009

Lincoln? Meet Obama, the president of the United States.

This piece was done in honor of Lincoln's 200th Birthday.  It was a submission for the Chicago Art Department (Same gallery where I submitted the zombie Poe painting) who was holding a art show specifically for the occasion.  I had some help from my metal's experts in LA and Peccatonica.  Thanks Michael and Eric!  I needed to oxidize pennies and fast.  They pointed me to Liver of Sulfer, a noxious chemical that turns copper black is seconds fast!  I made the stencil out of a picture I found online and modified it to my needs a-la-Shepard Fairey.  I hope I don't run into retarded legal trouble for it...idiots.  The piece might have worked better with new pennies but I like the fact that they were all from different years.  I think it reflects how Obama's rise into history came from all these factors from our past.  And the juxtaposition with Lincoln is just perfect.

14" x 18" Mixed Media

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