Friday, May 1, 2009

Master of the Macabre

My friend Kerry Flaherty, an incredibly talented plush artist, is a resident artist the Chicago Art Department and she hosted a show called "Night of the Living Artist" We were having lunch one day and she said, "Let's turn our favorite artist into a Zombie." To which I replied, " Yes, lets." And so she made a whole production out of it and had artist from around the nation contribute pieces for the show. This is my rendition of Edgar Allen Poe as a resurrected raven zombie. I used Tempera paint on floorboards and it's about 3ft tall. Killer.


Ah! Domo Arigato Vollybot! I created this guy for a charity event that was vollyball related. Not quite sure what the cause was for but the big idea was to take a vollyball and to "decorate" it and sell it off in a silent auction. The proceeds obviously going toward the cause. I used a pre-existing toy, a Mighty Mugg Silver Surfer, and cannibalized it for this guy's body. It's all custom painted. I heard afterwards that it went for something like $280, the highest bid for any piece! I hope he found a happy home. Go Vollybot!