Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Super Why to the RESCUE! This is an illustration I did for the Super Why toy line I'm working on at RC2.  I did a series of these "cereal box" vingnettes for a story telling concept and each is based on a theme from the show. I liked this one in particular because I think visually it flows smoothly and it's just staight out funny. I love Alpha Pig eyeballing the crab! You can see the original rough blue line on top and how it got improved with clean up and color. I LOVE CINTIQ! Hip Hip HOORAY!


So every year at my pseudo-parent's house there's a block party for the neighborhood that's off the hook! It's the guaranteed once a year guilty pleasure where I know I can do the electric slide, chicken dance, and the hokey pokey all in the same day. Yeah, it's cheesy but I love it. Tons of kids and food. Plus a Sno-Cone machine! Anyway, Mom always asks me to do the flyer for the event and I try to come up with something fun each time. This year's theme was a 50's flashback party and Gemma made all these Poodle skirts for the girls to dress up in. So I ran with that theme and did a pink poodle motif for the poster. This is a modified version where I took out most of the copy and focused on the graphic. I'm hoping this will give me some confidence to do other posters that I have been promising but have been slacking on big time. GET TO WORK CHUNG!