Monday, June 8, 2009

Lincoln? Meet Obama, the president of the United States.

This piece was done in honor of Lincoln's 200th Birthday.  It was a submission for the Chicago Art Department (Same gallery where I submitted the zombie Poe painting) who was holding a art show specifically for the occasion.  I had some help from my metal's experts in LA and Peccatonica.  Thanks Michael and Eric!  I needed to oxidize pennies and fast.  They pointed me to Liver of Sulfer, a noxious chemical that turns copper black is seconds fast!  I made the stencil out of a picture I found online and modified it to my needs a-la-Shepard Fairey.  I hope I don't run into retarded legal trouble for it...idiots.  The piece might have worked better with new pennies but I like the fact that they were all from different years.  I think it reflects how Obama's rise into history came from all these factors from our past.  And the juxtaposition with Lincoln is just perfect.

14" x 18" Mixed Media

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beacon of White

Finally!  After 2 years of working on bikes, researching components and bike building skills, I finally finished the Beacon frame that was "rescued" from my condo bike room.  You can't imagine how difficult it was to find white bicycle parts!!!  So I ended up custom painting the pieces myself.  Note* never mix enamel and acrylic!  She's at the MAX! (at least to my standards)  Shimano Ultegra crankset, headset, and front brake.  VeloOrange pedals, SRAM aerobrake, carbon fork, Specialized Toupe carbon seat and white elkskin leather handle grips.  I strapped a couple of white frog lights on for safety.  My back is hating me for this but I love this baby!